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Civil Litigation


Whether you are being sued or need to sue somebody we can help you. Our office generally assists clients with civil cases regarding breach of contract, collections, accounts stated, enforcement of judgment, wage garnishments, restraining orders,  breach of warranty, defective products, fraud, and misrepresentation.  

Business Law


Our office represents corporations of all sizes from sole proprietorships to corporations.  Our business practice assists our clients in Entity formation & dissolution (INC, LLC, L.P), Buy Sell agreements, Employment contracts, Independent contractor agreements, Employee handbooks, Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality agreements, Partnership agreements, Shareholder agreements, Dissolution, and Intellectual property protection.


This is only a partial list of the services we offer our business clients, we understand that every business is different and there are legal issues around each corner. From nurturing an idea to launching that idea into a business and scaling that business to success, our practice is able to assist you every step of the way.  

Cannabis Compliance


Stanley Law Office is a full-service law firm providing consultation and representation in all forms of cannabis business compliance, permitting and business transactions. We aid cannabis businesses by procuring licenses, advising on compliance, developing corporate structures and business strategies, negotiating agreements, and all general and specific forms of business transactions. We provide these services to growers, cultivators, dispensaries, delivery services, distributors, marketing professionals, suppliers and other related businesses.   In addition, we also serve as outside general counsel providing day to day legal support to cannabis businesses. 

Construction Law


Stanley Law Office represents owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors on public, private and residential construction projects.  We have assisted clients in construction agreements, bid disputes, bid protests, mechanics liens, stop notice claims, Federal Miller Act claims, extra work claims, breach of contract disputes, general collections, performance and payment bond claims, and project disputes.


Each construction project has its own challenges both for the Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and builders. In the event of a dispute, those challenges are magnified to their greatest degree.   It takes a unique understanding of both construction and construction law to find a resolution when a project does not go as planned.  Our office can offer that unique understanding to our clients.  


Real Estate Law


Being an owner, seller, or purchaser of real property comes with a unique set of challenges. Correctly assessing the duties, rights and obligations can be difficult even for the most seasoned owner, investor, purchaser, or seller of real property.  


At Stanley Law we assist clients in navigating these unique challenges in all forms of real estate transactions and litigation including but not limited  to purchase and sale agreements, adverse possession claims , quiet title actions, fraud, lis pendens, disclosure disputes, quitclaim deeds, grant deeds , partitions , liens, deeds of trust, broker liability, neighbor disputes, joint tenancy disputes, Landlord -tenant disputes, Land use and title actions.  The professionals at Stanley Law have the expertise and experience to assist you and provide you with the guidance and protection that you need.


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